Monopoly Junior

Monopoly Junior 1.0

Monopoly and other board games provided some great family nights
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Minds Eye Productions

In the beginning this was a little frustrating. Monopoly Junior gives you the opportunity to introduce this great board game to your young kids, on a level that means they can have all the fun from the start. The rules are a little simpler and the games don’t last so long as the regular version, and that is ideal when attention spans are shorter.

Monopoly Junior comes in a number of editions but the original version is based around a theme park – all the fun of the fair at home (and without the expense!).

Properties are now different park rides such as the ferris wheel or the merry-go-round and houses and apartments are replaced with ticket booths.

If someone has a ticket booth on a ride, you have to pay them the entrance fee. Your kids might even get to appreciate the value of money and the cost of going on rides before your next visit to an amusement park.

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